During the past 20 years, we have had the opportunity to serve many families during what may be one of the most difficult time of their lives. It is an honour to be a part of a profession that is able to help in this time of need.

Listed below are a sampling of the many letters we have received over the years from families we have served. Each one reinforces our belief that a funeral service can be a profoundly moving and healing experience for many bereaved persons.

Dear Rick,
I wish to thank you again for assisting after the sudden death of my mother. As I mentioned to you, I have a friend in Huntsville who has been a funeral director for over 30 years. While he didn't know of any homes in Peterborough, he suggested that I choose a home that was independently operated, not a big, faceless corporation, and I'm glad I followed his advice. My mother's husband Jim and I were both impressed with how you made a difficult situation much easier. You took the time to listen to what we wanted and didn't try to sell us anything more than we needed. You met all your commitments and we had the ashes in plenty of time for our private service. Thank you again, Rick. I'm sure I'll see you again - hopefully not too soon.  As discussed, I will definitely recommend your services to my clients who need them.

G.J. June, 2012

Dear John:

I would like to express my deep appreciation for all the help given to me before, during and after my Mom's funeral.  Your service reflected genuine concern and understanding when I needed it most.  I appreciated your efforts to make all my reqests a reality.  Your arrangements and the church service were truly fitting to my Mom who I loved most dearly.  Thank you for all your assistance in helping me through the most difficult and saddest time in my life.

M.G. June, 1990

Dear Mr. Cunningham:

May I take this opportunity of thanking you on behalf of the Family and myself for the courteous, efficient and compassionate way you handled this matter for us.  You made a difficult time much easier and we are most grateful to you.

A.S. July, 1990

Dear Mr. Cunningham,

Please accept my thanks and appreciation for the kindness and professionalism shown by you and your associates in arrangements made and carried out for the funeral of my Mother.  All was accomplished with the quiet dignity and reverence mentioned in your letter, which was exactly what Mother would have wished.


Dear Mr. Cunningham,

Please accept my sincere thanks on behalf of my family, for the exceptional care and kindness in arranging the funeral of my mother.  The thoughtfulness and courtesy of your entire staff was so comforting at a time of a great loss.

K.T. March, 1990

Mr. John Cunningham,

Your genuine care and assistance will always be treasured, in the care of my son.


Dear Mr. Cunningham,

We would like to thank you for the excellent service you rendered us in our time of grief.  The manner in which you have conducted your services has helped us in giving a most dignified and solemn final tribute to our father.

Death is a painful and even traumatic experience for every family.  It is a memory that most of us would prefer to forget and just remember the good times we had with our departed loved one.  However, we still cherish in our hearts the fact that we did our best in giving our father a memorable final tribute.  And we are sincerely grateful that you made this possible.  Our final memories of him was of a dignified man, lying in state, in a decent and solemn surrounding.  You stayed in the back ground and allowed us to grieve with our families and friends and yet, you were there when we needed your attention and accommodated our requests promptly.  From the time you took over for us, you made sure that all details were painstakingly in order.  In other words, you took care of everything for us, thereby lightening our burden and allowing us to grieve without aggravation. 

May you continue to provide the same excellent service to others, as we extend our heartfelt gratitude and sincerest thanks to you in helping us have such assuring memories in knowing that we gave our father a dignified and solemn last tribute.

G.D. December, 1996

Dear Mr. Cunningham,

I wanted to thank you again for the arrangements you made for my father's funeral.  All our family thought that everything had been done as we had wished.  Your efforts on our behalf helped to make a difficulty time more bearable.

J.W. February, 1989

After making my arrangements with Mr. John Cunningham I came home feeling a great sense of relief... no matter what came to mind I knew it had been discussed and taken care of.  I was greatly impressed by all your staff and a relaxing atmosphere, during a trying and stressful time.